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Sales CRM Software

Capture all correspondence and develop relationship with customer

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Sales prospect tracking like never before

Objectives of every organization are different and needs to meet the growing demand, hence traditional method of maintaining relationship has got difficult to manage the customer interactions in the company, also to simplify, remove complexity and break down barriers between sales and delivery.


Sales Platform Software

CRM sales software, is a process that helps the organization with improved accessibility of client data is referred to as customer relationship, includes various management modules,

It provides the road map of sales funnel and deals expected to be closed, hence organization needs a reliable CRM software system in order to have compete sales activities.

Build customer relationship

CRM software for sales helps sales team prospecting to discover new customers and achieving sales targets by converting prospects into paying customer. Making the most of customer interactions is made possible for businesses by the sales lead platform. It helps organization to organize and managing the entire sales process from very initial sales pitch through the deal closure.

Convert potential customers into paying ones

Oversee the complete sales process


Track all information in a single place

Process of tracking all the phases involved from new leads to negotiation and lead closure, it also enables sales team to close deals more quickly, it various management features emphasizes maximizing the customer interactions, making it ideal for companies with a strong customer approach.


Why Portstay Sales CRM Software?

Sales platform software enables the sales team to take a prospect through each stage of the sales process without traditional way of maintaining of handwritten notes for the lead generation, follow and closure, hence it becomes must for an organization to identify the suitable sales software to automate entire sales stages.

  • Prospects
  • Prospects to Leads
  • Qualify Leads
  • Proposal with the offerings
  • Closing with deal won or lost

Our sales platform provides the clear hierarchy for sales team, managers and CXOs to create leads, track without much hassle.

Customize fields

Every time sales team collect new sales data from various sales channels and sources, team can have unique data throughout the sales cycle for their entire team as Portstay Sales CRM Software allows teams customize the existing field as per their needs.


Lead Management


Lead management helps to organize sales leads at single place without losing any potential customers. Information captured will be used to qualify the leads to convert to clients and main objective is to assist businesses in turning prospects into paying clients.

Capturing all sales lead is essential for the company to operate continuously and to keep track of leads obtained from various sales channels, other lead sources and allocate leads to the team.

  • Convert Lead to Account
  • Convert Lead to Contact
  • Convert Lead to Deal

Connect with customer

Sales CRM Software for sales navigates to the details about number of times discussion took place, conversation history for every leads, account and contacts. Create the tasks and follow up in the tasks scheduling tool,

  • Schedule Meeting & follow up
  • Call follow up
  • Email follow up

CRM Sales Leads

Sales software CRM provides the role based access, hence manager will be able access leads created by members in their sales team, lead ownership changes in the leads created. Managers and Sales Director, CXOs will have the full access to view sales team leads, flows whether it’s an organization having a single office in single country or multiple offices across countries.

  • Sales team
  • Managers
  • Sales director or CXOs

Account Management

Account management is a suite for complete collection of existing customers who already using the service or products.


Account managers priorities ensuring the success of their clients. Through the possibilities for cross selling, up selling, and account management, they also focus a strong emphasis on company development and account growth.

  • Account management is after sale position with customer interfacing.
  • customer-support
  • Account management and sales are crucial positions, not every organization will have a team of account managers on staff and both responsibilities can be combined in Portstay Sales CRM software platform , depending on the size of the sales team.

Contact Management

Contact management is a database that every company gathers and keeps the client data in some form that could be potential customers who is in interested in the service or product offerings.

  • However, it is not just time consuming to keep contact records using traditional approaches like notes and spreadsheets. Additionally, it is incredibly inefficient and cannot be shared with the team, managers in real time.

Deal Management

Deal Management saves time and increase efficiency, organize, prioritize, and keep track of deals. Software makes the most of customer interactions is made possible for businesses by the Sales CRM tool as it organizes and manages the sales process from cold stage contact through deal closure.

Increased efficiency

Keep track of deals

Organize the deal won or lost

Create a knowledge base for deal closure

Keep track of all sales channels and interact with clients

Sales CRM software helps organizations to identify on sales prospects, qualify as leads, and can keep track of all the sales funnels and engage with the customers for improving conversion.

Focus on the customer needs

As sales team interact with the customer, observe the customers need with the offerings and categorize as initial stage, prospects, warm, or hot to speed the deal closure from sending quotations, scheduling, and sales team follow up on sales possibilities effectively to team to prioritizes for winning the deal.