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HR Helpdesk Software

Provide the employees with HR helpdesk ticketing system to address the internal ticketing requests and incidents.

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HR Ticketing Software

Select right level of HR ticketing tool for incident assistance

HR ticketing software is an essential to meet the employee experience and job satisfaction to meet the growing concerns of employees at workplace, hence HR team role becomes extremely responsive to open to solve the employee issues.

Accelerate employee experience with HR experts and tools

Organization can enable HR ticketing system to observe the incoming tickets with incident and requests, allocate the tickets to themselves to work on every HR case, they help the team members at the workplace more effectively and work more productively.

  • HR Helpdesk software offers essential capabilities to consolidate incoming tickets, assign tickets to particular HR executive.
  • Communicate on incident or requests with team members, making it ideal for HR team who need to go beyond a common HR related issues and gain better control over the incident and requests at the workplace.
  • In-built features like reply within the ticket┬áto simplify internal interactions and faster resolution.

Everything required to build a culture of great workplace

HR ticketing tool can be used to create HR teams, team is created by manager. Workplace admin can create HR Manager, companies can have single or multiple HR team in any office location with team members and managers in each team. HR team members can discover their team manager in the platform to join their team.

When team member joins the team, they are automatically added into the team for chat and team messages to collaborate among team members and manager.

When tickets are opened, HR team can assign the tickets to self or other team members as it comes with quite simple interface to organize and manager HR incident, requests with various categories.


Having the benefits ticket opened in work environment.

Leave & Tracking

Respond to queries about the organization leave policy.

Company Programs

Initiatives to reduce stress at work and give the opportunity to learn various company programs.

Employee management

The employee assistance programs free and confidential support 24x7.


HR Helpdesk ticketing system

HR ticketing tool helps the HR team is able to track important data over time rather having tickets requests are handled over email.

  • Create the tickets with urgent, high, medium or low priority to get the attention of HR team about ticket urgency.
  • All the employees will be allowed to raise HR Helpdesk tickets directly at the Workplace with the incident and requests.
  • HR team members or executives can raise the HR tickets on behalf of users or HR team to track and manage the HR Tickets.

Advanced Dashboard

Ticketing system for HR can be used to track open tickets, past due, or unresolved tickets based on priority is made easier by the advanced HR ticketing dashboard.

  • Advanced HR dashboard aids management in determining whether there are performance gaps and, if so, what should be done about them.
  • Utilize a status breakdown for each of the visible work items on your team to keep track of their production.
  • Effectively allocate the work among your teams and identify patterns of involvement.

Time Off and Calendar

Time off and Calendar built-in tool in HR Helpdesk ticketing system one of the key elements to track and manage time off is successful to any organization.

  • Employees at the workplace should be allowed to apply planned, unplanned leaves to know team members are present or absent from the work.
  • When employee applies the Time off or leave, it will be notified to their manager and HR team.
  • HR Helpdesk software Time off & Calendar tool helps HR team to set annual leaves.

Portstay HR Helpdesk ticketing system, a simple and unified incident and requesting tool at the workplace.

Setting up suitable HR ticketing system for all the workplace related queries to address with prompt, reliable, and knowledgeable HR helpdesk is must for an organizations of any size. Employees may easily get their queries resolved without worrying that private information would fall into the wrong hands.

  • HR Tickets

    Tickets raised by employees, HR team can reply on the case with priority, category, ticket status and close date.

  • Chat with HR team/members

    Chat with HR team/members in private without needing to worry about to risk of sensitive information leaking.

  • Messages in Workplace

    Discuss with HR team for the company policy etc., in the public groups HR messages.

Portstay provides metrics to measure as it is impossible to understand the issues employees are facing or how well HR team is handling tickets, through ticket open alerts.

HR team can focus on the incidents and requests from employees with the average resolution time of tickets.

Employees facilitated to raise HR helpdesk ticketing directly helpful to meeting the HR leader or executives in person.

Cut down on the amount of time your HR team members or executives spend on employee related queries.

Integrated HR ticketing tool for the enterprise.

Simplified leave management.

Software for HR helpdesk can give insights to HR team for the better preparing the workplace that encourages everyone to feel as a team.
Helpdesk tickets raised to HR team not only reactive to continuously address the issues or requests and also they will help develop strategic knowledge base that is made available at the workplace.
The HR ticket system should be equipped to handle every issue quickly and without much hassles.

Improved team cooperation

Time Off & calendar tool helps HR team to set annual leaves to make it easier for employee to organize leave plan with the company provided leaves can be utilized.
Time off, as the name suggests, refers to the working days that employees are off. There are several rules around the world that govern the organization leave policy.In addition to company set employee leaves and holiday list, employees directly will be allowed to apply the leave.

Improved Communication Channels

Organizations should make sure that they have open communication with their employees because this will provide them with a better understanding of the company's vision and mission.
It will also allow them to communicate the policies from a higher level.
Maintaining staff productivity, engagement, and alignment with your company's goals requires implementing the appropriate communication channels within your organization.

Get alerts for significant updates

HR ticketing system is a cloud based and allows companies to access employee information by HR teams, HR leaders and organization site Director/Admin irrespective of any office location within office.
Software is designed to help companies in improving the way they communicate with their employees.
They also provide for employees who need assistance with various issues by constantly providing new updates to HR teams.