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Discover all in one Enterprise Software

Portstay is an Enterprise Software helps organizations to create Workplace over cloud with all individuals, teams, and managers present over the platform to work like real organization environment.

Organizations can create a single office location or offices across multiple locations to collaborate together. Individuals with the respective work roles can select various features such as Customer Support, IT Management, HR Helpdesk, Sales and Operations in a collaborative environment.

Message is a one of collaboration feature to have direct communications with another person and port group messages can be used to have conversation with the team, specific groups with the continuous conversation in a single place.

Enterprise Software

Get started with Enterprise Software

Portstay provides all in one software for the organizations

Enterprise Software for Workplace

Software includes various business applications such as Customer Support, IT Management, Human Resources, Sales CRM - Customer Relationship Management, Operations Management to ensures everyone is involved and connected with teams across organizations.

Portstay Enterprise Software over the cloud offers the solution with the advantage of a minimal setup cost. By provisioning the respective roles, can start use the software at both the individual and team level and enables an organization to link their whole team and business units.

Platform for Collaboration

Integrations with the software features enhance the team productivity, and discussions through chat & messaging across the team and organization.

Create team task management and share it with the team, and internal ticketing software for employees with IT, HR helpdesk are the components that is provided as all in one collaboration software to organizations.


Organizations Ticketing Systems

Centralized ticketing system to encourage better collaboration.

Customer Support

Resolve customer queries instantly with the customer support software ticketing system.

Customer support ticketing system provides a single platform to manage customer support tickets, maintaining customer contacts and customer database to coordinate quickly, provide ticket assistance, and reply to the tickets. Monitor the incoming customer support tickets, assign for self or on to team members.

Customer Support software

IT Management

Use a reliable internal helpdesk ticketing system to address any IT related issues.

With the help of the IT helpdesk software with asset management enables IT helpdesk staff to be focused, organized, efficient, and effective. Portstay internal helpdesk software helps organizations is able to monitor, control, handle incidents more quickly, and effectively.

IT Management software

HR Ticketing

HR ticketing system for HR related queries resolved internally.

As your business expands, the employee queries, requests and incidents on to HR team will also grow. Portstay HR helpdesk software helps organizations to manage and monitor all the requests or incidents raised by employees. HR Team can spend less time to provide assistance on every tickets with status.

HR Ticketing software

Sales CRM Software

Sales CRM Software is essential to manage organization sales Leads, Accounts, Contacts and Deals. A software system that helps businesses in managing all their customer leads, lead flow to deal closure and maintaining relationships with the current and potential customers. Sales platform software can be used to improve the sales team task efficiency, streamline lead gathering, lead progress and they can greatly boost their sales funnel.

  • Companies can effortlessly save all the information relating to your sales in a central database.
  • Users to add leads, and deals in single place from anywhere several sales people can access the platform.
Sales CRM software

Operations Management Software

Operation team helps various business verticals to achieve the highest level of productivity within an organization by maintaining operations asset management, and vendor, and contacts database in a central location. In order to increase the organization ability to operate continuously, it is essential to have operations planning and need to remain focused on translating the customer demand and continue to support various business operations.

Operations Management software

Enhance Communication with Internal Messaging Software

Teams can communicate in various methods, and organization can make use of solutions that is offered with wide range of features. Office messaging software is built-in with many functionalities to provide teams with a flexible way to communicate in both chat & messaging and also allows employees with an opportunity to engage, collaborate and build relationships while challenging each other to think differently.

Direct Chat Messages
Team Messages
Collaboration Software

Team Collaboration Software over Cloud

Giving individuals in organizations with the collaboration software enables them to communicate directly with one another, converse as a group, and share important and relevant information. Team collaboration attempts to improve the communication amongst team members, and users shall use as easy-to-use tool for addressing work related queries, timely reviewing the team work, and create a single continuous work related conversation.

  • Focus on team work
  • Creativity and talent development
  • Seamless information sharing
  • Post work related queries
  • Address work related queries
  • Share tasks to the team

Waiting for email reply?

Software offers interactive and direct communication with more responsive in workplace. It may not be necessary to send an email for simple queries or updates as Individuals may quickly communicate with one another and right from members in own team and manager, individuals from other teams and managers, or individuals from other departments and CXO levels.

Make thoughtful business decisions

Focus on business value

Enhance customer focus

Achieve sustainability

Team Messaging Software

By enabling users to speak directly for all work related things at single place rather than via slower communication channels like email, team messaging software significantly reduces the amount of follow up communication that slows down productivity. This quickens the response time, which in turn speeds up the entire organization productivity.


Deliver what industry demands

  • Team collaboration software is helpful for teams and businesses of small, medium and large enterprises.
  • Software for team collaboration is available to enable collaborative workplace of any size.
  • It is cloud based Software as a Service - SaaS that users in organization may access at any time from anywhere.

Office Messaging Software for all office messages

Software designed to use for few or many users with single or multiple offices scattered across the globe. Users upon joining the Workplace and team, will be able communicate with the members of their team, managers and individuals or managers from other team in their workplace or geographically separated workplace organizations.


Group Messaging Software

Communication platform for specific port groups

Not every team conversation needs to involve your entire team; some team conversations need to happen at the team level and others need to be seen by your entire company. This is made possible by how conversations are organized, gives users control over what they see and don't see. According to what is relevant to them, team members can join or not join certain port group.

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Portstay provides all in one software for the organizations.Customer Support, Sales, IT Management, HR Helpdesk, Operations, Chat & Messaging