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Customer Support Software Ticketing System

Bring all the support requests from different channels on a single platform.

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Be an expert on the clients and establish a relationship with them.

Capture all the customer related issues

Setting up the excellent customer support ticketing systems for the organization which is into services or products industry is the success of any business. Hence capturing all the customer related issues with customer support software ticketing system minimizes the downtime achieved through the strong support systems with constant process that enables issue monitoring and problem solving.

  • With the Customer Support software ticketing system, organization may witness the strength of a comprehensive, and intelligent customer service system.
  • It might be challenging to constantly deliver excellent customer service. It is simple with the right customer support ticketing system.
  • Organization focus should be to organize, concentrate on incidents or requests, company needs customer support ticketing system enables organizations to quickly assign requests to the most qualified agents or engineers, clarify customer queries, and keep track of customer incidents and requests.

Efficiently manage customer relationship

Customer Support Software ticketing system that manages customer interactions with the organizations for the effective management of customer issues and requests, key to providing excellent customer service. With simple and modern interface in customer ticket software system can enable team to achieve the great customer satisfaction.


Software that is effective and packed with features to enhance Customer Support

Portstay customer service ticketing system will help the business run smoothly to organize and streamline the customer interactions and support features of resolving the customer related issues kept as key to go to 24x7 expert assistance at finger tips with all in one in ticketing platform, and many more gives improved customer experience.

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A variety of customer services are included in customer support systems, which helps customers to use products or solutions correctly. It covers assistance with solutions disposal as well as planning, installation, training, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

The provision of services to customers before, during, and after a purchase is known as customer service. As a result, it plays a significant role in the clients value chain. Customer service standards vary by industry, but ultimately, the goal of a well-performed service is to boost profits.

  • Get customers surprised with above expectations

    Customer support ticketing is necessary for your company to prioritize, group, and organize support requests. Using ticketing systems, businesses can quickly assign inquiries to the most qualified agent, contextual customer interactions, and keep track of customer inquiries.

  • Customer Management

    Customer success depends on availability on how critical when in need of support to resolve the problem, hence storing information about customers becomes vital who engaged in business.

  • Contacts Management

    The optimal benefits from customer support software ticketing system, enables to effectively manage and organize much of the information about the contacts.


Deliver great customer experiences


Customer Support software in a capacity to provides the ability to accelerate the service or products from the customer interactions, increase support team productivity and expand loyal customer base with expert support services . Using the data, create a knowledge base and acquire insights to create strategic business growth. Provide the optimum client experience to and from customer data collected as tickets in customer support system.

  • Customer support software is a SaaS that allows the deployment in the shortest amount of time, also provides quickly to support users as an agent/engineer for the customer interfacing in lesser time.
  • Platform gives the ability to support team to access the knowledge base and provide a centralize customer issues across organizations.
  • Support teams and establish the organization to-work with presence among the customers.
  • Portstay Software ticketing system will help the company to organize and streamline the customer interactions and support for resolving the customer related issues

Customer Support Team Collaboration

Organizations can create single or multiple customer support team in a single office or multiple office in countries with each team consists of managers and team members. Customer Support Agent/Engineer and Manager will be able to add support tickets, company and contact details. Adding new ticket includes various option with both mandatory and optional fields. Tickets will be assigned to support agents/engineers or manager by support agents or managers.

  • Customer support is drastically changing as more and more customers searching for new service and products.
  • Customers want to use technology to reach out to support team quickly to get issues resolved or simply resolving the requests to their queries.
  • Customers still prefer to speak with the customer support agents when in need of support, hence support team agents role becomes crucial and allows them to engage with customers more deeply in real conversations.
  • Customer Support Software removes the distractions, delivers a focused and useful tool to manage customer interactions. Support ticket provides automation with easy to understand dashboard alerts for open and pending tickets through the support stage.
  • Customer support software created to use technology to provide fantastic customer service, gives organization the ability to quickly resolving their issues, which will set the company apart from the competition.
  • Eliminate the obstacles of an organization expansion and create a customer focused business model.

Increase customer happiness by providing them more control

Resolve the customer issues faster with uncompromising integrity

Support team will be able to access customer details and customer history in a way which will make communication more meaningful. Software used to handle contacts make it simple and efficient to manage, save, and use contact information. It might also include other crucial information about your prospects and customers, such as their purchasing patterns and communication histories.

Portstay customer support software has two different database for the storing companies and contacts, compiles information and other communications into a central database that is available to the entire company.

What do support teams spend their time doing to maximize the value

Faster issue resolution
Reduce effort to manage customer escalation
Simplified operations and efficiencies
Customer retention and satisfaction