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Lead Management

Businesses to manage, organize, and track leads throughout the sales process.

Software helps sales teams to effectively create leads, convert them into Accounts, Contacts and Deals to have all the customer inflows.


Track your leads

The software typically includes features such as lead capture and add, lead assignment and distribution, lead qualification and grading, lead nurturing, and reporting and analytics.

Lead management software is built-in tool in CRM (customer relationship management) software and with the task management to provide a more complete view of the customer journey.

Using lead management software can help sales teams streamline their sales processes, prioritize their efforts, and close more deals.

Efficient Lead Management Software

Lead Management a built-in feature in CRM provides valuable insights into the organization and help businesses make data-driven decisions about their sales strategies and a platform is designed to help businesses manage and track leads from initial pitch to conversion. The primary goal of lead management software is to streamline and automate the lead generation, qualification, and nurturing processes, making it easier for sales teams to focus on closing deals.


Lead capture and qualification

Portstay Sales CRM software allows organization to create leads from a variety of sources, including web forms, landing pages, social media, and events.

Lead management software often includes tools for automatically scoring leads based on various criteria, such as demographic information, behavior, and engagement.


Lead distribution and closure

Software often includes tools for distributing leads to the appropriate sales team members and tracking their progress through the sales funnel.

Lead management software allows businesses to close the deal with won or lost to conclude customer cases, also keep them engaged and move them with future sale.


Dashboard and activities

Lead management software provides insights into the performance of lead generation, pending follow up and upcoming follow up.

Sales CRM software, is a platform organize and manages leads obtained from different sales channels and other sources, it designed to create unique lead, tracking.

Building uncompromising customer relationship using sales platform software becomes vital hence follow up becomes easy with discussion and meeting history. Sales leads captured can be converted to other databases without losing the business leads generated by sales team.