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Vendor Management

Software applications used to manage interactions and relationships with suppliers and third-party vendors.

The goal of vendor management software is to streamline and optimize the procurement process by automating various tasks such as purchase orders, invoicing, contract management, and supplier performance tracking.


Effective vendor management platform

Portstay Vendor management allows IT Engineers/Agents or Operations team to create single asset or multiple assets at a time and assets can be tracked, monitored it’s usage throughout the life cycle.

This type of software can help organizations keep track of their vendor relationships, reduce manual effort, increase transparency and accountability, and ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.


Vendor database

A centralized repository for storing information about all suppliers, including contact details, products and services offered, pricing, and delivery schedules.


Contact management

The ability to create, store, and track the suppliers, including details of negotiations, terms and conditions, and performance metrics.

Manage and track all your vendors with Portstay

  • Purchase order management: Automated purchase order generation and tracking, from requisition to receipt of goods.
  • History: Payment tracking to ensure timely payment of bills and avoid disputes.
  • Supplier performance tracking: Tools to measure and evaluate supplier performance based on metrics such as delivery time, quality of products and services, and responsiveness to customer needs.
  • Risk management: Features to identify and manage potential risks associated with supplier relationships, such as financial stability, legal compliance, and business continuity.

Why vendor management software?

Vendor management software can help organizations improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their procurement processes, while also reducing costs and mitigating risks associated with supplier relationships.