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IT Helpdesk Ticketing Software

Improve user satisfaction with reliable IT support

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Understanding IT ticketing system and asset management

Meticulously handle all queries and technical problems.


IT Helpdesk Software is a platform that assists employees with the solutions for the incidents and requests. IT team can track incidents, troubleshoot issues, and provide assistance with regards to products, services, or both, and procedures by using IT helpdesks.

All incoming IT-related requests from customers and other corporate departments are handled by an IT ticketing system. Every support request will be turned into a separate ticket by its design, which also streamlines the support procedure through features like ticket management, enhanced collaboration, automation, and others.

Internal IT support ticketing software

Manage and streamline their internal IT Helpdesk requests.

The single point of contact between end users and the IT service provider is the IT ticketing system. It enables support agent to centrally store and manage support requests that have been compiled into tickets from various channels. In order to keep IT support teams productive and organised, the ticketing system also aids in classifying and assigning these tickets in accordance with priority.

  • IT Helpdesk ticket

    Customer support ticketing is necessary for your company to prioritise, group, and organise support requests. Using ticketing systems, businesses can quickly assign inquiries to the most qualified agent, contextualise customer interactions, and keep track of customer inquiries.

  • Asset Management

    Asset Management is an IT inventory management which is enabled to handle any kinds of IT hardware, software, license and accessories within a company.

  • Change Management

    Change management captures all the IT maintenance, shutdowns, periodic upgrades which is called as change request about the on going activity.


Why you should use Portstay IT ticketing software?

IT helpdesk assistance becomes vital when a device or software develops a technical issue. IT team offers much more than just a technical team and employees may contact get the assistance of resolving any IT issues while working in the on campus or working remotely called as the off campus. IT team role has been modified over the years not just providing the helpdesk, also maintaining the assets, preparing the planned shutdown for periodic maintenance through change management and unplanned maintenance upon emergency situations,

  • Computer lifecycle & returns
  • Hardware support
  • Network & Wi-Fi related issues
  • Internet Security & antivirus
  • Server support
  • Active directory
  • Passwords
  • Messaging
  • Data & Encryption
  • Software & business applications
  • BYOD/Mobile Access
  • Remote Access

IT Managers, Director/CXOs

  • IT Helpdesk software provides IT Managers, Director/CXOs with insight into the kinds of issues and inquiries that come up repeatedly
  • allowing them to anticipate problems and develop a method and procedures to resolve them.

IT Support Agent/Engineer

  • IT Support Agent/Engineer is the point of contact when the employees seeking assistance for the issue/request to an IT team.
  • When reaching out to IT team is not becomes easy, people are left to spend the effort to figuring out how to get the issue resolved or request addressed.

Essential features available in Portstay IT Helpdesk Ticketing Software

IT Helpdesk Tickets

Assets Manager

Change Management

IT helpdesk tickets

IT Team or employees can directly raise a ticket in the platform and all the tickets kept in a single place which can be viewed by whole IT Team agents/engineers, managers or IT Director/CXOs. IT Helpdesk software makes it simple for the IT team to communicate with one another and can handle several tickets at once.

Helpdesk agents/engineers, managers or employees can use IT helpdesk software to create tickets for various category with issues or requests,

  • Hardware or software new requests
  • Hardware or software incident
  • Applications related issues
  • Accessories requests

Assets Manager

IT Asset Manager is built-in feature in IT Helpdesk software helps organization for the better inventory management to gain insights for plan, assist, organize to IT needs, discovery, auditing IT assets. Asset Manager Helps the organization with process-oriented and making sure assets are tracked, reserved in IT asset management. It involves ensuring that organization's important assets are monitored and utilized.

IT assets may comprise with asset status,

  • In use
  • In stock
  • Missing
  • Reserved

Change Management

Organizations to achieve compliance requirements, and reviews should go through a required planned maintenance downtime, IT infrastructures and application will be down during the planned downtime window, hence resources will not be available for the people on campus or off campus at workplace.

Portstay has in-built change management in the IT Helpdesk software which tracks, manages all the shutdown, maintenance. Once Change request or management is raised it’s defined with clear reason, time and what’s available and what not.

Change request consists of,

  • Change type
  • Requester
  • Category
  • Priority
  • Assignee
  • Impact
  • Risk
  • Change request description