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Group Messages Software

Centralized platform where individuals can easily communicate


Portstay built-in Group messaging software

Portstay all in one enterprise allows communication that enables multiple users to communicate and collaborate in over group messaging, file sharing, and other features. The purpose of group messaging software is to provide a centralized platform where individuals can easily communicate, share information, and work together more effectively.


Features of group messaging software

  • Create Port Groups
  • Join Port Groups
  • Port Group Messages
  • File Sharing

Create your team communication channel

Portstay allows individuals to create and delete groups to send messages in real-time. Use message channel to communicate with your team across organisation.


Messaging channel

Users in an organization who joined port channel or groups who can send and send and receive messages. Organise all your conversation through group messaging channel without any conflict and build stronger team members connection.

Join Port Groups Message

Enables multiple individuals to have group conversations around specific topics or projects. Share all your team members conversation in a single place without missing any points. If you have any specific topic or project to share , you can create or join group in the portstay.


File sharing

Send your files, documents, and images with your group members simultaneously, so they can also know all about your project or topic.