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Manage all assets in single plaform

Portstay Asset management software helps organization to track and manage assets. This can include physical assets such as computers, servers, other equipment, as well as non-physical assets such as intellectual property and software licenses.

Asset management

Track all your assets in Portstay

The main goal of asset management software is to help organizations keep track of their assets, monitor their use, and optimize their utilization over time.

IT asset management (ITAM)

Software license management

TAM software can help IT departments manage software licenses, including tracking the number of licenses, monitoring usage, and ensuring that the organization is compliant with license agreements..

IT budgeting and planning

TAM software can provide real-time and historical data on IT asset utilization, helping IT departments to make informed decisions about budgeting and resource allocation.

Inventory tracking

ITAM software can help IT departments keep track of all their IT assets with serial numbers, warranty information. The software helps to keep track of the assets within an organization, including information such as location, condition, and maintenance history.

Manage software to improve your asset operations

Maintenance management

Asset management software can help organizations schedule and track maintenance activities, including preventive maintenance to help extend the life of assets. ITAM software can help IT departments track the use and replacement of hardware assets, including desktops, laptops, and servers.


The software can provide real-time and historical reports on asset utilization, maintenance, and other important metrics.ITAM software helps IT departments to keep track of their assets, manage software licenses, monitor the use of hardware and software, and optimize the utilization of IT resources.

Asset management

Benefits of asset management software

  • IT asset management (ITAM) software specifically designed to manage the assets of an IT department. IT assets can include hardware such as computers, servers, storage, and networking devices, as well as software licenses, cloud services, and other digital assets.
  • ITAM software is essential for any organization that wants to optimize its IT resources, reduce waste, and ensure compliance with software license agreements. By using ITAM software, IT departments can gain greater visibility into their assets and make informed decisions about resource allocation, maintenance, and replacement.