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Internal Messaging Software

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Internal Messaging Software

Team collaboration most widely used in organizations nowadays to collaborate across teams and various departments. There is growing demand for team messaging software at workplace, helps to communicate effectively rather than non-accountable, in person meeting or legacy email system which is replied for many times.

Portstay collaboration software is so diverse, it makes easy to cross functional across the organizations from challenging environment, and functionality of team collaboration software integrates with various messages.


Keep pace with technology advances with Messaging

Internal Messaging Software helps to speed up the communication among team members, managers, team members from other teams and various other department without needing to send many follow up with email is very legacy technology initially being used to send external and internal mails.

Communication at workplace is made easy with chat, teams and group messages, and can file sharing facility, those who are interested can view by simply logging into platform.

Internal Chat Messaging

Send chat messages in real-time with other team members, managers, and member from other teams, other departments, and Director/CXOs with simple click of any team members across single or multiple office locations. It also provides presence to show when users are online, or away from their computer.

Chat messages automatically gets saved for future reference. Also file sharing such as word, pdf, spread sheet and images can be sent via chat messages. Technology or engineering team can send the engineering docs, sales team can share quote or purchase order with the team over message.


Teams Messaging

Team messages created when team is created by manager or manager created by admin, people who are joining the team can discuss topics, work on projects, or collaborate in teams while having real-time, interactive conversations and file sharing. With internal messaging software one can share files, converse in real time, and follow all project related discussion with easy to read continuously in a single location.

Organization Team Messaging

Portstay Internal Messaging Software integrates various chat, group messages, and team messages with default created team message port channel and manager created team message port channel. Team Message port channel for the team gets created whenever new managers are created by admin.

  • Customer Support
  • IT Helpdesk
  • Human Resources

Manager Created Team Message Port Channel

When manager is created and they will be able to create the team to their team members to discover and join the team. When they create the team, automatic team message port channel created by team name. Manager created team message are nothing but specific team name or project function, in which team members will be added automatically when team members discover and join.

Messages has the like or reply options to express team members view and also can be used to mark as important messages and simply close the message thread by striking the message.

Port Channels Groups Messages

Port channel group messages or simply port channel messages can be created by any employees for any work related discussion, special interest groups by team members from any team engineering, sales, customer support. Collaboration software gives employees the means to maintain constant contact with anybody in workplace by joining the port channels advanced messaging with file sharing.


Navigate to + Ports Channel in Messages and Groups section to create port channel.,

  • Port channel groups name
  • About port channel group

To mark the message with IMPORTANT, navigate to Mark Messages, mark the message with background or letter color, or simply close the thread by striking hence upon scrolling the message can be easily viewed.


Group Messages

Group Message is a special interest groups is created by user in which anybody in organization can join despite of role or departments. Internal Messaging Software enables to send and receive the messages and file sharing, or images in real-time, and they may contain new project initiatives or sales discussion or any discussions of departments, or business related. Creation or join Department Group navigate to Messages & Groups section..

Workplace Messages

Workplace message is a company message in internal messaging software, which is alternate to email, send by office admin or CXOs to all their employees. Employees will receive only the message and they can like the message or reply their view to message. Admin or CXOs can use this new class of group messaging built specifically for businesses that will bridge the gap between employees and management.

Find the Messaging that fits

Portstay internal messaging software solution to meet the demand for the messaging is increasing quickly to send, receive message in a Colloborative work environment without needing to send multiple emails whether organization with single or multiple office locations.